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17th Virginia Infantry Regiment

            Company H           

The Old Dominion Rifles

[Co. A] None [Co. A] Sergeant W. E. H. Clagett
[Co. B] Private E. Bray Private Mark L. Price
[Co. C] None Private A. C. Fairfax
[Co. D] Private T. W. Lynn Private Richard W. Avery
Private C. R. Pettit [Co. B] Private Stephen Carder (died from wounds)
[Co. E] Private James S. Molair [Co. C] Private C. H. Bradfield
[Co. F] Sergeant W. R. Smith Private David Wallace
Sergeant E. Basey [Co. D] Captain J. T. Burke
Private J. D. Brady Sergeant Robert Steele
Private E. W. Burgess Private C. Cornell
[Co. G] Lieutenant William E. Gray [Co. E] Lieutenant William Simpson
Private P. Doyle Private Albert W. Hicks
Private P. Harrington Private Richard Roland
[Co. H] Private William J. Higdon Private Delancy Bruin
Private John S. Murray Private Richard Allison
Private William H. Lunt Private Gotfried Kreig
Private Rodie Whittington [Co. F] Lieutenant S. Harrison
[Co. I] None Corporal Jesse R. Rogers
[Co. K] Private R. Love Private E. Clowe
Private T. F. Kane Private R. Watson
  Private Charles Cogan
  Private M. T. Davis
  [Co. G] Captain R. F. Knox
  [Co. H] Captain William H. Fowle
  Lieutenant Thomas V. Fitzhugh (died from wounds)
  Private D. H. Appich
  Private James Godwin
  Private August Calmes
  Private Robert Young
  Private Seabury D. Smith
  Private J. K. Sowers
  Private William J. Hall
  Private E. F. Baldwin
  Private Jonah W. Baldwin (died from wounds)
  [Co. I] Lieutenant G. C. Adie
  Private P. Ryan
  [Co. K] Lieutenant A. M. Brodie
  Corporal C. W. Diggs
  Private J. E. Fisher
  Private Henry Payne

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Last updated - 28th November, 2003