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17th Virginia Infantry Regiment

            Company H           

The Old Dominion Rifles

Cooking gear.

Period knife, fork and spoon. Note - 3 prongs on fork.
cwfork.gif (3163 bytes) Period fork
cwknife.gif (2750 bytes) Period knife
cwspoon.gif (2989 bytes) Period spoon
forkcombo.gif (3832 bytes) Combination set.
cup2.jpg (10339 bytes) Tin mugs - small and large. (Not aluminum or enamel)
tinplate.jpg (8334 bytes) Tin plates. (Not aluminum or enamel)
coffeepot.jpg (10724 bytes) Coffee boilers. Tin, not aluminum or enamel.
COCOFFE.jpg (63551 bytes) Another coffee boiler style.
smallcoffeepot.jpg (24549 bytes) Small coffee pot.


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Last updated - 28th November, 2003