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17th Virginia Infantry Regiment

            Company H           

The Old Dominion Rifles

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Detling 2003

(Thanks to "Arno" for these.)

detling01.jpg (115856 bytes) The Confederate Army in line awaiting the start of hostilities. Virginians to the left of the Colours.
detling02.jpg (89692 bytes) Battle commences with a barrage from the Federal gun.
detling003.jpg (109254 bytes) The Palmettos facing a cavalry threat "rally by fours" whilst skirmishing.
detling04.jpg (112827 bytes) The 17th and 55th Va attempt to cram themselves behind the only cover.
detling005.jpg (109131 bytes) 17th hold off the Federal cavalry - who looks afraid to come any closer!
detling006.jpg (98208 bytes) Federal cavalry make a nuisance of themselves!
detling007.jpg (85941 bytes) Federal cavalry decide that the Virginians are too much trouble and withdraw.
detling008.jpg (112579 bytes) "Steady Boys!" The 17th and 55th Va awaiting the next cavalry advance.
detling009.jpg (95717 bytes) The cavalry think better of it!
detling010.jpg (127980 bytes) 17th and 55th Va double quick to chase the cavalry off!
detling011.jpg (124426 bytes) "Tally ho!" The Virginians give chase!
detling012.jpg (88040 bytes) There's no stopping them now!
detling013.jpg (102917 bytes) The Confederate Artillery, Palmettos and nurses all attending to business.
detling014.jpg (82698 bytes) The Virginians capture the next fence line.
detling015.jpg (72553 bytes) The "Fog of War" as the Virginians put up a ferocious hail of lead.
detling016.jpg (94858 bytes) The smoke clears and the Virginians survey the damage wrought.
detling017.jpg (134173 bytes) Some Federals try their luck.
detling018.jpg (88639 bytes) "Oops! There seems to be more of them than us!" Federals have second thoughts!
detling019.jpg (131458 bytes) "Who are you looking at?" Federal soldiers looking worried.
detling020.jpg (118712 bytes) A bit of music will make things seem better.
detling021.jpg (77605 bytes) Darkness falls as the Federal troops do likewise!
detling022.jpg (93403 bytes) Union dead litter the field as the Confederates force the cavalry away  -  again!
detling023.jpg (118604 bytes) Gallant Union troops try to stem the flood of Confederates.
detling024.jpg (107866 bytes) "ON boys! On!" Major Derek Potter leads the advance.
detling025.jpg (116488 bytes) The advancing line captures the next fence line, recently vacated by its previous owners. 
detling026.jpg (115836 bytes) Grim faced, the combined 17th and 55th Va stand fast.
detling027.jpg (116458 bytes) The Virginians keep up the fire on the fleeing Federals.
detling029.jpg (108155 bytes) Virginians loading on the march - pushing the enemy hard.
detling030.jpg (97102 bytes) Major Potter and Captain Gibson steady the 16th Tennessee.
detling031.jpg (83314 bytes) The surgeon performs his duty as the guns blaze on.
detling032.jpg (96714 bytes) Forward again.
detling033.jpg (79047 bytes) Bayonets fixed, the Virginians take the fight to the enemy.
detling034.jpg (69197 bytes) The cavalry look worried once more.
detling035.jpg (87989 bytes) Victorious, the Virginians prepare for the final salute.
detling036.jpg (113370 bytes) The Palmettos loading.
detling037.jpg (141856 bytes) Both armies lined up for the last salute.
detling038.jpg (124852 bytes) Ready!
detling039.jpg (127083 bytes) Ready!
detling040.jpg (101908 bytes) Blast! Missed it! 
detling041.jpg (122159 bytes) The Palmettos look happy anyway!
detling042.jpg (81932 bytes) The Union Army lead the march off the field.
detling043.jpg (85619 bytes) The Confederates follow on behind singing their hearts out!
detling044.jpg (104414 bytes) Young Thomas Morton, of the 17th, fraternizing with the local women!
detling045.jpg (126149 bytes) A barrow holds a grisly reminder of the aftermath of battle in the Federal camp.

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Last updated - 28th November, 2003