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17th Virginia Infantry Regiment

            Company H           

The Old Dominion Rifles

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Listed here are some of the less intelligent questions that I, and members of my Company, have been asked. Re-enactors all over the world, regardless of the period of history they portray will, no doubt, spot a few that they recognize as well! Suggested answers are in brackets!

1.    Do you sleep in those tents? (No, we spend precious time and effort just to lug them along, stick them up in  a howling gale and try to dry them out between events just for show.)

2.    Did they have apples/bread/coffee/insert anything else here in those days? (No, actually the apple wasn't invented until the 1880's but we like them so we eat them anyway.)

3.    Do you cook on that fire? (No, we like having a raging wood fire in the middle of summer to keep us warm in these temperatures of 75/80/insert temperature of choice here.)

4.    Do you fire real bullets? (Not anymore because after so much practice we were getting to be good shots and killing too many of the other side and it made it difficult to recruit any more.)

5.    Are you really going to eat that? (No, I have so much money that I have to waste it by cooking meals and then throwing them away.)

6.    Is that real money ? (Yes, unfortunately the Confederate States is having a bit of trouble getting it recognized outside their territory, besides, we just love gambling 100's of $ on dice - see answer 5 above)

7.    Why do you do this? (Any suggestions for this one? Possible answers could include: masochism, love wool, bloodthirsty axe murderer looking for a release, etc)

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Last updated - 28th November, 2003