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17th Virginia Infantry Regiment

            Company H           

The Old Dominion Rifles

[Co. A] Private Daniel Lee [Co. A] Captain William W. Smith
Private R. C. Johnson Private Vernon W. Ashby
Private T. A. Partlow Private Thoedore Chase
Private J. S. Hart Private Hector B. Eaches
[Co. B] Private P. C. Darr [Co. B] None
Private J. W. Steele [Co. C] None
[Co. C] Lieutenant Lambdin [Co. D] None
Private J. M. Wallace [Co. E] Sergeant James Proctor
[Co. D] None Corporal Samuel S. Coleman
[Co. E] Corporal George T. Warfield Private Frank Emerson
Private Albert Wools Private Fran Field
Private Joseph Bushby Private Ed. Warren
[Co. F] Lieutenant J. N. Hulfish Private Thomas B. Hudson
Private J. R. Burgess [Co. F] Private James D. Rollins
Private F. G. Higson Private John W. Cornwell
[Co. H] Private Charles Burgess Private M. W. Galliher
Private Haydon Fewell [Co. H] Sergeant J. P. Jordan
[Co. I] Lieutenant G. C. Adie Private Virginius Brent
[Co. K] None Private H. Sigger Pitts
  [Co. I] None
  [Co. K] None


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Last updated - 28th November, 2003