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17th Virginia Infantry Regiment

            Company H           

The Old Dominion Rifles

Leather work.

cartridgebox.jpg (3988 bytes) Cartridge box - for ammunition. (With or without a shoulder strap.)
cartridge_box2.jpg (41170 bytes) Another example - with makers marks.
enfield_box.jpg (24771 bytes) An Enfield cartridge box - imported from England.
enfieldcart.jpg (9446 bytes) An Enfield cartridge box - open
cappouch.jpg (3623 bytes) Cap pouch - for percussion caps.
cap_pouch2.jpg (46424 bytes) Different styles of cap pouch.
cap_pouch3.jpg (28327 bytes) 'Shield front' cap pouch.
cap_pouch4.jpg (23701 bytes) Enfield cap pouch.
cscap.jpg (27092 bytes) Confederate cap pouch


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Last updated - 28th November, 2003