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17th Virginia Infantry Regiment

            Company H           

The Old Dominion Rifles

The 17th out and about in Virginia, July 2003

DSC00027.JPG (608449 bytes) Looking along the Sunken Road, Sharpsburg
DSC00029.JPG (578353 bytes) Looking along the Sunken Road, Sharpsburg
DSC00030.JPG (554124 bytes) (l to r) Pte. Peter Goldsmith, Capt. Dave Gibson and Pte. Steve Gibson at Sharpsburg
DSC00031.JPG (555305 bytes) Pte. Steve Gibson looking from observation tower at Sharpsburg
DSC00032.JPG (563108 bytes) Two Soskan RV's at Sharpsburg!
DSC00033.JPG (489847 bytes) General Robert E. Lee's Mausoleum at the Lee Chapel in the Washington and Lee University., Lexington
DSC00034.JPG (601360 bytes) Lee's horse - Traveller's grave at Lexington.
DSC00035.JPG (592874 bytes) Pte. Steve Gibson reading the inscription on the Virginia Mourning Her Dead memorial at V.M.I., Lexington.
DSC00036.JPG (614956 bytes) The charge of the cadets at Newmarket; painting in Jackson's Chapel, V.M.I., Lexington.
DSC00037.JPG (555215 bytes) General "Stonewall" Jackson's forage cap
DSC00038.JPG (571327 bytes) Jackson's horse, Little Sorrell in V.M.I. museum, Lexington
DSC00043.JPG (612805 bytes) Jackson's last resting place, Lexington Cemetery.
DSC00045.JPG (581683 bytes) Jackson Family plot and original site of Jackson's burial.
DSC00046.JPG (575551 bytes) An original Virginia State flag, Appomattox.
DSC00047.JPG (607900 bytes) An original Virginian battle flag.
DSC00051.JPG (555716 bytes) Capt. Dave Gibson and ex-sergeant major Steve Gibson in the McLean parlor where Lee surrendered the Army of Northern Virginia.
DSC00052.JPG (584335 bytes) The parlor in the McLean House - showing the original tables that, allegedly, were used to sign the terms.
DSC00064.JPG (584595 bytes) Just visiting the slave house at Appomattox
DSC00067.JPG (599030 bytes) Chilling out at Appomattox.
DSC00072.JPG (594393 bytes) Steve Gibson reading General Order No. 9, Appomattox Tavern
DSC00077.JPG (564128 bytes) Waiting for the tavern to open?
DSC00091.JPG (523447 bytes) Inside Appomattox County Jailhouse.
DSC00093.JPG (566863 bytes) "Let me out".
DSC00095.JPG (606511 bytes) Appomattox Courthouse.
DSC00098.JPG (604181 bytes) Dave & Steve Gibson at the Wilderness.
DSC00099.JPG (603725 bytes) Confederate earthworks in The Wilderness.
DSC00102.JPG (604430 bytes) Fairfield plantation house - where General Jackson died.
DSC00104.JPG (558635 bytes) Painting of the scene of Jackson's arrival at Fairfield.
DSC00105.JPG (609106 bytes) Marker commemorating Jackson at Fairfield.
DSC00106.JPG (507452 bytes) Jackson's death bed.
DSC00108.JPG (596448 bytes) Reconstructed earthworks at Spotsylvania.
DSC00110.JPG (604806 bytes) Painting of the fighting at "Bloody Angle"
DSC00113.JPG (585257 bytes) The view from the Confederate lines at "Bloody Angle", Spotsylvania.
DSC00114.JPG (601124 bytes) The spot where General Jackson is said to have fallen when shot at by his own pickets, Chancellorsville.
DSC00115.JPG (603929 bytes) Reading the inscription on Jackson's Memorial, Chancellorsville.
DSC00120.JPG (604117 bytes) Stood by the original Jackson Monument, Chancellorsville.
DSC00122.JPG (540627 bytes) Generals Lee & Jackson's last meeting.
DSC00124.JPG (475618 bytes) A piece of the jacket Jackson was wearing when he was mortally wounded, at Chancellorsville.
DSC00128.JPG (564246 bytes) A uniform worn at Chancellorsville.
DSC00135.JPG (585504 bytes) Stone marking the burial plot of Jackson's arm.
DSC00138.JPG (588362 bytes) Sunset over Marye's Heights, Fredericksburg.
DSC00137.JPG (607849 bytes) Monument to "The Angel of Marye's Heights", Fredericksburg.
DSC00141.JPG (593990 bytes) The Confederate Statue, Alexandria.
DSC00142.JPG (608130 bytes) Plaque for the above statue.
DSC00143.JPG (578620 bytes) Proclamation of occupation, Alexandria. Held in The Lyceum, Alexandria.
DSC00151.JPG (617030 bytes) Stood outside the Lyceum, Alexandria - the place where The Old Dominion Rifles were formed in December, 1860.
DSC00153.JPG (577169 bytes) Section of The Marshall Flag, held at Fort Ward Museum, just outside Alexandria. 
DSC00154.JPG (527638 bytes) Jackson's statue at Manassas.
DSC00156.JPG (588829 bytes) Memorial to General Bee, Manassas.
DSC00157.JPG (558878 bytes) Beauregard's plea for assistance.
DSC00148.JPG (520228 bytes) Pass issued by the occupying forces of Alexandria.
DSC00159.JPG (611431 bytes) The marker at Blackburn's Ford, scene of the 17th Virginia's first engagement.
DSC00160.JPG (602672 bytes) Looking across Blackburn's Ford, scene of the 17th Virginia's first engagement.


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Last updated - 28th November, 2003