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The Old Dominion Rifles

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Seventeenth Virginia Re-enactment Regiment (UK).

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Who we are

We are a family orientated American Civil War Re-enactment group based in the UK with members from all walks of life which include families as well as single men and women.

Our Mission

To recreate the lifestyle of the men and women who lived through

The War Between The States (1861-1865).

We set out to portray, as accurately as possible, the ordinary men and women of the 1860's caught up in the American Civil War. We do not condone any extreme political views or hold any racist ideals. Our aim is to help educate people of all ages and backgrounds into the realities of life and death during this tumultuous event in American history. 

Our aim is not to glorify war but, rather, to show the great sacrifices made by American people of all ages, sexes, ethnic and social background during this period of history. 

Company Profile

    Started in 1988.
    A fighting Regiment of SoSkAn
   Members from the Southwest to the East and from the North to the South of England.
    SoSkAn's Company of the Year, 1998
    Brown's Brigade Company of the Year, 1995
    Families welcome
    Spare uniform and equipment available to borrow to enable new members to "try before you buy!".
    A friendly bunch of people who can't sing - but it doesn't stop us trying!

Contact Information

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Electronic mail
General Information: 17th-virginia
Recruitment officer: Simon Morse
Webmaster: Steve Gibson


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