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17th Virginia Infantry Regiment

            Company H           

The Old Dominion Rifles


Index to things you can find on this site.

      This week in the war   
     Gettysburg update  
     A Few, Amusing but True Facts   
      Roster of all companies of the 17th Va.   
      Photos - some pictures added 
     Members - photos and details added     
    Battle reports - by Gen Longstreet  
     What's in a name? A list of other names for the war.
     Letters to or about the 17th Va.
     General Orders    
     17th Virginia's Guest book
     17th Virginia's Feedback form
      News and event details    
      About us
bullet      FAQ's
bullet      History of the Re-enactment unit
bullet      History of the original 17th Virginia
bullet      A Timeline of the 5 years of war
bullet      What Kit and equipment are needed
bullet      A guideline to costs
bullet      Join us   
bullet      Favourite Links   
bullet      Some facts & figures about the 17th Va
bullet      Officers of the 17th Virginia Infantry
bullet      Forum
bullet      List of Major Engagements of the 17th Virginia
bullet      Event Report - Bath Bash 2002     

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Last updated - 28th November, 2003