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A rough guide to costs of uniform & equipment.

As before, this does not set out to be a comprehensive catalogue of prices, merely to give you an idea of what certain pieces of kit are likely to cost. Much of the uniform can be home- made following the correct period patterns and this can, substantially, reduce the overall cost.

Uniform and kit items can be borrowed for a limited period by new recruits to give them the time to obtain their own equipment without taking out a second mortgage.

As with all hobbies, you can spend as much or as little as you want but, bear in mind, your impression will suffer if you don't obtain the correct kit.

I will draw your attention to SoSkAn's Minimum Standards Policy (a copy of which can be seen on the website) which states that all new recruits have a maximum of one year to meet the required standard.

Jacket         Approx cost 30 (home-made) 50-85 (shop bought)

Trousers    Approx cost 30-45 dependent on whether home-made or shop bought.

Hats               Kepis - approx cost 25

                           Slouch hats - anywhere from 35 up to over 80 so check before buying.

                           Forage hats - approx cost 35

Boots            Between 60-85

Shirt               Home-made approx 15, shop bought approx 5-35

Socks            Shop bought approx 10-30. Can be home knitted for less of course

Braces/suspenders    Canvas only, approx 10-25

Cartridge Box                Between 25 and 65 approx, dependent on if you have a cross strap.

Cap pouch                        Approx 12.50-20

Haversack                         Plain canvas approx 15-20; Union tarred version approx 20-35.

Canteen                              Wooden or tin, covered or bare. approx cost 20-40

Knapsack                          Approx 50 (optional)

Belts and buckles    Plain frame buckles approx 5-10; Virginia State Plates approx 25; Oval CS or US varieties approx cost 17.50-20. Any black or natural leather belt is acceptable with the correct buckle so cost varies widely.

Musket                                Enfield 3 band muskets are available in "Indian Pattern" versions which go for about 200. Euroarms Enfields (better quality) cost approx 300. Springfield muskets cost in the region of 300-350.

Bayonet                            Bayonets approx cost 30-35 with scabbard.

Membership Costs  SoSkAn membership costs are as follows:

    Family membership        50.00

    Single adult (18 yrs +)    30.00

    Postal member               22.00

    Junior (14-17 yrs)            20.00

    Cadet (10-13 yrs)            12.00

Guest fees - Fighting          7.50

Guest fees - non-fighting   5.00

Licences                    Shotgun licence (required by law) cost in the region of 47.00 and last for 5 years.

                                           Black Powder Certificates are also needed but are free and last one year

Any comments, corrections or suggestions, feel free to contact us via Feedback, The Forum or via e-mail

Last updated - 28th November, 2003