17th Virginia Infantry Regiment

            Company H           

The Old Dominion Rifles

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Members of the 17th Virginia -today



Name Position/rank Profile

Simon.jpg (5557 bytes)

Simon Morse Corporal

Recruitment officer

I joined early in 2002. I've re-enacted before, English Civil War, but this is MUCH better. So come and join the "Bloody 17th"

Widey.jpg (16143 bytes)

Adrian "Widey" Pring 2-i-C Ex-matelot, many years re-enacting and now looking for love! Anyone interested?

JED.jpg (10739 bytes)

Jed Gibson Pte. Does anyone know what he actually looks like? It's so hard to tell underneath that hat!

Kevin.jpg (8560 bytes)

Kevin Beck Pte and Powder Monkey "The quiet and calming influence of the company"

Chris.jpg (7897 bytes)

Christopher Charity Pte. " Chris is the brainy & good looking one that the rest of the company
aspire to be like". (His words - not mine!)

Martyn.jpg (11303 bytes)

Martyn "Baboon" Charity Pte.
"The Baboon of the company.  If you want to learn the monkey run or just a war face then I'm your man.
 Yes Chris is my brother, he may think he is the best looking one in the company, but we all have our dreams."

No picture yet

Helen Gibson Fifer.

Peter.jpg (7872 bytes)

Peter Goldsmith Pte. 

Company Treasurer 

"  Best thing I have done since retiring seven years ago, was to join Soskan and the 17th, Anne is not really interested in the ACW, BUT she really enjoys coming to events and making new friends."

Graham.jpg (3988 bytes)

Graham Peacock Pte.

tom.jpg (4536 bytes)

Thomas "Young'un"  Moreton Pte. The quiet one - silent but deadly on the field.

No picture yet

Steve 'New Fish' Bickley Pte.

Steve.jpg (7096 bytes)

Steve Gibson Pte. Founder member of the company and recently returned to the ranks after a year's stint as Battalion Sergeant Major.

No picture yet

Derek Head Pte.

Ralph.jpg (19611 bytes)

Ralph Bennett Pte.

No picture yet

Charlene Bennett Civilian

wendi.jpg (4113 bytes)

Wendi Gibson Civilian coordinator Co-founding member with Steve in 1988. 10 years as a Private soldier in the ranks. Now organizes rations for the men, support the 17th whilst portraying a civilian caught up in the struggle as accurately as possible.

No picture yet

Ann Gibson Civilian

No picture yet

Kiera Gibson Civilian Junior

No picture yet

Anne Goldsmith Company secretary

No picture yet

Jo Peacock Civilian

Sharon Morton Civilian

Jade Morton Junior
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