17th Virginia Infantry Regiment

            Company H           

The Old Dominion Rifles

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What's in a name?

        Below is a selection of alternative names used to describe the war. Some are Yankee terms whilst others are Confederate.

The War for Constitutional Liberty   

The War for Southern Freedom
The War for Nationality The Lost Cause
The War for Southern Nationality  The Late Unpleasantness
The Second American Revolution  The War to Suppress Yankee Arrogance
The War for Southern Independence  The War of the Southern Planters
The War for States' Rights   America's Civil War
Mr. Lincoln's War   The War Between the States
The Southern Rebellion   The War for Abolition
The War for Southern Rights The War for the Union
The War Against Northern Aggression The Confederate War
The Yankee Invasion The War of the Southerners
The War for Separation The War of the North and South
The War of the Rebellion

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