17th Virginia Infantry Regiment

            Company H           

The Old Dominion Rifles

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My aim is to have as many personal biographies as possible so, if you have anymore information, anecdotes, photos or biographical information of any of the 17th's personnel, please, please, please send it to me and I will include a link on that person's name to a separate web page (as I have done with Edgar Warfield, Company H).

Thank you in advance.


Company A - Alexandria Riflemen

Company B - Warren Rifles

Company C - Loudoun Guards

Company D - Fairfax Rifles

Company E - Mount Vernon Guards

Company F - Prince William Rifles

Company G - Emmett Guards

Company H - The Old Dominion Rifles

Company I - O'Connell's Guards

Company K - Warrenton Rifles

Staff and those not associated with any 1 Company

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