17th Virginia Infantry Regiment

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The Old Dominion Rifles

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Roster of personnel not associated with one Company

(From "17th Virginia Infantry" by Lee A. Wallace Jr.)

Abbreviations used include:

Adjt.                                                            Adjutant

Appl.                                                     Application

Apptd.                                                     Appointed

Arty.                                                           Artillery
AWOL                                    Absent without leave

B.(b.)                                                                Born

Bn.                                                             Battalion Btry.                                                             Battery
Bur.                                                   Buried, burial Cav.                                                             Cavalry
Cem.                                                        Cemetery Co.                                              Company, county
C.H.                                                   Court House CMH                         Confederate Military History
Col.                                                             Colonel Commd.                                          Commissioned
CSR                                 Compiled Service Record Cpl.                                                            Corporal
CV                                          Confederate Veteran Det.                                            Detached, detailed
Dischd.                                                  Discharged Div.                                                             Division
Empld.                                                    Employed Enl.                                              Enlisted, enrolled
Exchd.                                                    Exchanged Hosp.                                                          Hospital
Inf.                                                              Infantry Lt.                                                            Lieutenant
Mbr.                                     Member, membership Mtn.                                                          Mountain
Occ.                                                      Occupation Prom.                                                       Promoted
Pvt.                                                               Private Res                                                           Residence
Resgnd.                                                      Resigned Sgt.                                                              Sergeant
SHSP                Southern Historical Society Papers Stn.                                                                Station

VMHB                       Virginia Magazine of History & Biography

Wded.                                                      Wounded

Please note: All dates are in the British system. (Day/Month/Year)

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BAKER, Robert M.: b. Winchester, 16/6/31, son of Jacob Baker; educated at Theological Seminary, Class of 1861. Ordained as deacon Protestant Episcopal Church, 1861. Apptd. Chaplain, 5/8/63, to rank from 1/6/63. Assd, to 17th Va. Inf., at the request of Lt. Col. Herbert. Absent, sick 7-8/64. Paroled at Appomatox C. H., 9/4/65. Ordained as a priest, 22/9/65. Rector of churches at Winchester, Middletown (St. Thomas), Louisville, Ky., Hopkinsville, Ky., and Georgetown, D. C. (Grace Parish), where he died on 3/3/84. Bur. Mt. Hebron Cem., Winchester.

BISHOP, S. J.: On U. S. register of "Federal and Rebel Soldiers & Citizens", received 24/1/65. "Deserted from the enemy".

BOSWELL, Lewis Archer: b. "Aspen Hill", Luneburg Co., 9/5/34; educated at Univ. of Va., Jefferson Med. School, Phila., and Johns Hopkins Univ. Moved to Greenwood, Miss., where he practiced medicine. Apptd. Actg. Surgeon; assd. to Gen. Hosp., Camp Winder, Richmond, 5/2/63. Apptd. 17/3/63, as Actg. Asst. Surgeon, Gen. Hosp. Howard's Grove, Richmond. Apptd. Asst. Surgeon, P. A. C. S., 2/2/64, to rank from 29/10/63, which is probably the date he became Actg. Asst. Surgeon, 17th Regt. Va. Inf. By the end of 4/64, he was transferred from 17th Va. to Lt. Col. Edgar F. Moseley's Bn. Reserve Arty. Paroled 27/4/65. Resumed med. practice at Greenwood, Miss. Published articles on aeronautics. Constructed flying machine model, 1868. Moved to Talledega Co., Ala., 1869. Granted patent 24/5/1903. Died 26/11/1909, in Ala. 

BRENT, George William: b. Alexandria, 1821, son of George and Elizabeth Parsons Brent. Educated at Univ. of Va. Practiced law in Warrenton, and state senator, 1852-1853. Mbr. Board of Visitors, V. M. I., 1852-1853. Alexandria Co. delegate to State Convention, 1861. Commd. 2/5/61, Major of Vols.; assd. to 17th Va. Inf. Assd. to Army of the West. Prom. to Lt. Col., and Colonel. Held staff positions under Gens. P. G. T. Beauregard, Braxton Bragg, and James E. Slaughter. Practiced law in Alexandria. Suffered injuries in 1870 Capitol disaster at Richmond. Died 2/1/72. Brother of Virginius King Brent (Co. H) 


CORSE, Montgomery Dent: b. Alexandria, 14/03/16; ed. Maj. Bradley Lowe's military sch.; Capt., Co. B, 1st Regt. Va. Vols., 1846-1848. Lt., Capt., Sutter Rifles, Sacramento, Calif., 1852; Lt. Col., 175th Regt. (Alexandria) Va. Mil.; Capt. Old Dominion Rifles, 01/61; Maj. comdg. 6th Bn. Va. Vols., 02-04/61; AAG, Alexandria forces, 05/61. Commd. Colonel of Volunteers, 17/05/61. Elected Col., 17th Regt. Va. Vols., 02-04/61. Apptd. Col., P. A. C. S., 01/07/61. Prom. to Brig. Gen. 01/11/62. Admitted to Gen. Hosp. No. 4, Richmond, 14/10/64, with intermittent fever; sent to Gen. Hosp., 15/10/64, and to private quarters; returned to duty 11/11/64. Captured at Sayler's Creek, 06/04/64; sent to Fort Warren, Mass. Released 24/07/64 after taking the oath. Described as 5 ft. 6 1/2 in., dark complexion, brown hair, hazel eyes. Postwar occ. banker. Injured in capitol disaster, Richmond, 1870; probably caused his blindness for some years. Mbr. Bd. of Visitors, V.M.I., 1876-1882. Charter Mbr. R.E. Camp, C.V., Alexandria, 07/07/84. Honoured at dedication of Confederate monument, Washington and Prince Sts., Alexandria, 1869. Corse donated his Mexican War Pension to the monument fund, and enjoyed telling the "Yankee government helped to pay for the statue." Died 11/02/95. Funeral held at St. Paul's Church. Bur. St. Paul's Cem., Alexandria.


DULANEY, Upton H.: b. 8/10/27. Apptd. Asst. Surgeon, 17th Va. Inf., 16/6/63. Assd. to hosp., Staunton, 23/6/63. Ordered to Richmond, 23/9/63, for assignment to duty in the field. On duty with 13th Bn. N. C. Troops, 1-4/64. Died 15/11/81. Bur. The Falls Church (Epis.) Cem., Falls Church.


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JOHNSON, John Lipscomb: b. Forest Hill, Spotsylvania Co., 12/8/35; ed., Univ. of Va.; teacher, Hollins' Institute, 1860-61; ordained a Baptist minister, 10/6/60. Preached first sermon to 17th Va., second Sunday in 7/61. Apptd., 26/9/61, Chaplain, 17th Regt. Va. Inf. Relieved, 9/7/62. Chaplain, hosp., Lynchburg, 1862--65. Held pastorate after the war in Va., Miss., and Tenn. Prof. of English, Univ. of Miss.; Pres., Mary Sharp College, Tenn. Died 2/3/1915. Edited, at own expense, The University Memorial: Biographical Sketches of Alumni of the university of Virginia Who fell in the Confederate War. (1871).


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LEFTWICH, John William: b. 6/12/35; grad. Univ. of Va., Bellevue Hosp., NYC. Asst. Surgeon Hosp., Howard's Grove, Richmond, 26/3/62-10/4/63. Assd. to 17th Va. Inf., 4/63. Prom. to Surgeon, 4/5/64. Paroled at Appomatox C. H., 9/4/65. Postwar occ. medicine and farming. Died 7/1/68. Married Martha Elizabeth Jones (1842-1908).

LEWIS, Magnus Muse: physician; left Frederick Co., 1847, to practice at Alexandria. Commd. Surgeon Va. Vols., 17/5/61, assd. to Alexandria troops. Apptd. Surgeon, C. S. Army, 1/7/61; assd. to 17th Va. Inf. Brigade Surgeon, 5/5/62. Prom. to Division Surgeon, 30/6/63. Assd. as Med. Director, Dept. of N. C., 30/10/63. Relieved 10/5/64; returned to Pickett's division of which he was apptd. Chief Surgeon. Paroled at Appomatox C. H. 9/4/65. Oath of Amnesty, 10/5/65. Resumed medical practice in Alexandria. Staff mbr. Alexandria Hosp., 1872. Died 19/1/84. Said to be "an exceedingly handsome man, but of very reserved habit." Bur. Christ Church Cem.


MUNFORD, William: b. Richmond, 16/8/29; ed. Univ. of Va., and College of William & Mary. Apptd. Lt. Col., 17th Regt. Va. Inf., 13/6/61; served also at this rank with the 24th Regt. Va. Inf. for a while. Dropped from the rolls of the 17th Va., in reorganization, 4/62. Pvt., Richmond Otey Battery, 1862-65. Episcopal minister in Dallas, Memphis, and New Orleans. Died in Annapolis, Md., 8/3/1904.


NORTON, George Hatley: b. Ontario Co., N. Y. 7/5/24; ed. Hobart College, 1838; law student; grad. Va. Theol. Sem. Ordained a deacon (Epis.), 10/7/46, and a priest, 5/48. Rector: St. James, Warrenton, 1846-1858; Trinity Church, Columbus, Ohio, 1858-1859; and apptd. to St. Paul's Alexandria, 1859. Apptd. Chaplain, 9/7/62; assd. to 17th Regt. Va. Inf. Resgnd., 15/12/62. Temp. Rec. Grace Church, Lexington. Rec. St. Paul's, Alexandria, until his death. Chaplain, R. E. Lee Camp, C. V., Alexandria. Died 15/9/93. Bur. St. Paul's Cem.


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TURNER, William: Captured on the coast of Texas, 23/5/62. Records of prisoners of war at Fort Warren, Mass., show he was released 31/7/62, by taking Oath of Allegiance; other records show him as a private, 17th Va. Inf., but do not indicate his rank or company.


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VOSS, P. T.: b. Va.; no record of enlistment or company. Captured at Frayser's Farm, 30/06/62; sent to Fort Columbus, N.Y. Harbor. Prison Document indicates he was 21 yrs. old, 5 ft 9 in., brown hair, grey eyes, light complexion. Sent to Fort Warren, Mass., 08/07/62. Released, 31/07/62, for exchange.


WESTERVELT, Charles W.: Pvt., appears on a roll of prisoners of war at Fort Warren, Mass., 31/7/62. No further information.


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